We’re on a mission to deliver the very best Jet2.com virtual airline the community has seen. By delivering a good standard of operations and communications, there is nothing stopping us from delivering this. We’ve got fantastic momentum and an ever better plan for 2019 and beyond.

vEXS first started as Virtual EXS in February 2017. The virtual airline proved to be a monumental success, even on the first night; with over 150 pilots joining our journey in the first six hours. We continued to deliver on changes and improvements submitted by pilots, and slowly become the Jet2.com virtual airline of choice. During the later stages of 2018, we experienced many changes to the leadership and management. Jack Plumb was appointed as second-in-command following a major re-structuring of the Leadership team. In April 2018, we launched an all-new Operations team to support the growth of our operations. We appointed a talented team of Base Managers to manage our UK bases, and make the necessary improvements in raising standards and our pilots’ expectations. In January 2019, Eric Liu was appointed as Operations Manager to focus directly on Operation support and progress. This wasn’t a replacement for Jack Plumb, but there was a need for further focus on operations which we now believe we’ve secured.

Here at vEXS, we offer a wide variety of flights and destinations, exact to those offered by our real-world counterpart, Jet2.com. Our Operations Managers use trusted sources to offer the most up-to-date and quality flight plans, updated whenever a new AIRAC lands. We currently offer 283 active Winter schedules across 9 UK bases, including flights to Rovaniemi, Ivalo and Kitilla. We boast a range of old-and-new aircraft, including the Boeing 737-300s, 800s and Boeing 757-200s, including selected Airbus aircraft during the Summer transitions. vEXS has been hosted by vAMSYS since birth, and we continue to believe it is the very best management system the community has seen. 

As part of our operations, we offer a range of Focus Airports which, when flown, pilots will receive additional flight points for flying to the selected destination. We boast a wide range of liveries and configuration files provided by Jack Ryan and Eric Liu, or MAN and LBA Operations Assistants.

Our talented and knowledgeable team are driving our virtual airline forward. We share the same passion, drive and momentum needed to push vEXS to the top of the tables in the community.

Jack Wilkinson

VA Manager

Eric Liu

Operations Manager

Jack Bowman

BFS Operations Assistant

Jack Ryan

BHX Operations Assistant

Matt Naylor

EMA Operations Assistant

Jack Ryan

MAN Operations Assistant

Adam Tinning

NCL Operations Assistant

Adam Tinning

EDI Operations Assistant

Ben Williamson

GLA Operations Assistant

Anna Győrffy

STN Operations Assistant

Eric Liu

LBA Operations Assistant

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