As an American, it opens up a lot of smaller UK airports for me to fly in and out, and simulate an airline I normally wouldn't simulate. 

Ryan Spicer



About vEXS

May 2019's Stats

We pride ourselves on providing a professional virtual airline community for those seeking authentic flight plans and a friendly community, rooted around the operations of Jet2.com, a UK low-cost carrier. We offer routes based from nine base airports in the United Kingdom, to over 72 destinations across Europe. From Thessaloniki to Rome, to Fuerteventura to Amsterdam, we offer a plethora of destinations matching our pilot’s availability. 

As a pilot, you receive access to the revolutionary vAMSYS system where you book flights, view your past flight logs and access documents and resources. We have recently launched an off-site operations hub, the OCC, which can be accessed to interact with resources, learning and information necessary to spice up your flying with us.

We launched the virtual airline back in February 2017 and have since generated a strong brand in the community, through events and partnerships, and achieving a true understanding as to what the pilot truly wants. We advise anyone seeking an authentic, professional and innovative Jet2.com virtual airline to look no further. Unfortunately our departure from the community has been delayed, and we’re not going anywhere just yet.

We welcomed 41 new members in April 2019.

We flew over 68,500 passengers during May 2019.

The Academy will be joining the vEXS group in 2020, a great tool combining learning modules for pilots.

Channex Radio

Our in-house radio station available at whatever the altitude, available to vEXS pilots. 

OCC – Operations Control Centre

The OCC is our external operations hub, and has proven massively popular with our pilots. It combines learning, documents and resources to enhance your flying with us.

Discord Server

We have our own Discord server available to vEXS pilots. We have hundreds of members in the server; sharing screenshots, Jet2.com news, and NOTAMs from the VALEAD team.

Ready to take the jump?

If you are – awesome. Click here to register with vAMSYS to open your profile with us. If you’re already a vAMSYS member, head to the ‘Select’ screen and click ‘Join vEXS’.

If you’re not quite ready yet, read more about us by visiting some of the other pages on our website, and drop us a message by visiting the contact page.

Take a look at our pilot policies here.