It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our virtual airline and our community. Boasting over one thousand and seven hundred pilots, coupled with a talented and skilled management team, we believe there is no better time to join our community and climb through the ranks.

Our virtual airline has undergone immense developments in the last two years, and we wouldn’t be the leading virtual airline without our skilled operations team, and our pilots who continue to shuttle our passengers across Europe every night and day. Currently we offer over 300 accurate routes across our network, as well as an exciting events and focus airports calendar, which we hope you will participate in during your stay at vEXS. As a community, we’re proud to be hosted by vAMSYS; by far one of the most comprehensive virtual airline systems known to date. You can book flights instantly, view PIREPs, register to events, view pilot leaderboards and so much more.  

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This year, vEXS will fly 980,000 passengers across Europe to our plethora of exciting and attractive destinations. We’ve hand picked five destinations which proved most popular from last Summer, and we think they will be as popular – if not more – than last year. 

We are currently working on a new partnership with VATSIM as part of their VA Partner program.

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