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Welcome to the VA

With three years of improving operations firmly under our belt, we firmly believe we’ve established a professional virtual airline, and a strong character in the flight simulation community. I am pleased to lead vEXS during an exciting stage in our growth, with the launch of our all-new operations hub, as well as an upcoming mobile and desktop app. 

With over 700 accurate flight plans, a skilled and dedicated operations team, and a clear plan for the virtual airline’s future, we strongly believe we have everything in place to allow vEXS to flourish. So far in 2019, we have seen the launch of our all-new operations centre and the community’s very first virtual airline app; soon to be accessible on Android and iOS.

I ask that anyone, regardless of skill and knowledge, who is seeking a new virtual airline to find out more information about us. We look forward to seeing you in the skies very soon.

Jack Wilkinson
VA Founder



We are a thriving virtual airline simulating the operations of Jet2.com. With an active community and over 1800 registered pilots, we would like to invite you to join our VA. With our dedicated team of Base Managers and IFPS-validated routes, as well as a plethora of operational documents and resources, we aim to give you the highest volume of immersion possible.

Eric Liu


VA Manager

We are committed to flying over 1,000,000 passengers during the 2019 Summer season. We flew over 760,000 passengers during the 2018 Summer months and we believe this is highly achieveable. We’ve selected Palma, Corfu, Rome and Lanzarote as our Summer ‘Hotpick’ destinations which we hope our pilots will get behind. These destinations were most popular in our last two years of operations and we have no doubt they will be even more favourable this Summer.

We’re pleased that this our third of year of operations here at vEXS. This has been one of our busiest years so far, and what the VA has achieved so far is incredible. In March we released our all-new operations hub to pilots, offering a plethora of company information, documentation and resources to enhance your experience with us. Throughout the year we’ve refreshed our Operations Team, pulling new skill and knowledge into the team whilst keeping our promise of accurate and up-to-date schedules.