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William Taylor



When you join vEXS, your profile is automatically accepted. From then onwards, you have 30 days to submit your first PIREP. We will not advise those who haven’t flown their first flight within this time frame, and your account will be automatically removed. You are welcome to re-join the virtual airline; this policy still applies.

Pilots must complete at least one PIREP every 60 days to keep their profile with vEXS. Pilots will receive an email from the Leadership Team advising you after 50 days with no logged flights. This is so we can minimise the flow of spam accounts. This rule does not apply for Operations Assistants or members of the Leadership team.

Like yourself, we have a strong reputation to uphold here at vEXS. It is therefore essential that, whilst active in our community and whilst you continue to represent our virtual airline, you are friendly, professional and supportive to other pilots.

Pilots must join the Discord server as a means of communication throughout the virtual airline. It is important that our pilots and staff members communicate, and we believe Discord to be the most appropriate platform for this. You can join the Discord server, using the ‘Forename Surname EXSXXXX’ username prefix after joining vEXS on vAMSYS.

Any PIREPs exceeding -600FPM will be automatically rejected by vAMSYS. We appreciate that we have many new pilots in our community, and we all have the occasional bad landing – you can even ask our Newcastle Operations Assistant! Always try and give our passengers a good end to their flight, and an ever better start to their holiday – unless you’re landing in Palma…

We want you to enjoy your time here at vEXS. We’re a witty and knowledgeable bunch, always available for support, and a good laugh. We work very hard behind the scenes and we hope you enjoy our hard work!

We welcome diversions and emergencies as part of our virtual airline’s operations. Not all flights go as planned! If you have to make a diversion or in the case of an emergency, continue with your flight safely. However, upon filing the PIREP, you must declare that you have diverted so we understand the reasons behind the diversion when the PIREP is sent for review.

We host a variety of skilled pilots in our community; novices and those experienced. We accept PIREPS with no less than -600FPM landing rates. PIREPs with a landing rate exceeding will be rejected unless a favourable comment is provided on the PIREP.

Absolutely no slew or simulation rate changes should be made during any stage of flight. SmartCARS detects the triggers automatically and we will decline any PIREPs with slew or simulation rate alterations.

As a pilot, you become an ambassador of our community and the values we maintain through the virtual airline. We want everyone to feel involved in our community, and feel like they have a part to play in how we shape vEXS for years to come.