It’s great to see you’re interested in joining vEXS. You can join us by clicking the vAMSYS link in the top menu and register once logged into vAMSYS.

We offer 100 bonus points for Focus Airports, and 200 bonus points for taking part in events. Check out the PIREP Point Manual on vAMSYS for more information on basic points rewards.

Make every attempt to contact the relevant Operations Assistant, witht the email addresses found on the About page. Our team check their inboxes twice daily so you should expect a response and solution the same day.

In a nutshell – vAMSYS is the home, and its virtual airlines are the rooms inside. You make an account with vAMSYS and you have the option to join as little – or as many – VA’s.

Yes. You can join our Discord server when you join vEXS on vAMSYS. It’s a great way to communicate with pilots, as well as the two staff teams. You can share screenshots, download liveries and checklists, and communicate with hundreds of members.

We’re always listening to pilots about their thoughts and opinions. Drop us a message on Discord, or alternatively you can reach Jack Wilkinson and Eric Liu through the About page.