Boeing 737-300

Our B733s are amongst the few remaining ones operating in Europe. Most of these aircraft were originally from Channel Express, the cargo predecessor to Jet2. Sadly, as they age, these aircraft are slowly leaving service as Jet2 upgrades their fleet, though there are still a few years of life left in these old aircraft! You’ll be able to mostly find these operating from the home base, Leeds Bradford.

Boeing 737-800

Jet2 first introduced the 737-800 into the fleet in 2011 when they purchased some second-hand aircraft from other airlines. They ordered many brand new 738s from Boeing in 2016 before Boeing discontinued the NGX series. Today, the B738s are the largest constituent aircraft of the fleet and this section of the fleet is still ever expanding! They operate from every Jet2 base with a few occasionally based at the overseas bases in the summer.

Boeing 757-200

The B752 is a classic aircraft from the Golden Age of aviation. Jet2 received their first 752 in 2004 with their further fleet and base expansion. Though many have been retired in recent years and further in the past, they remain a staple of the Jet2 fleet and quite a few still operate today, however Jet2 are continuing to phase out some of these aircraft as the 757s age and new aircraft join the fleet.


As of and when Jet2 lease aircraft from various airlines, we will simulate them. Some of these in the past have included the B734s, B752s and A321s from Titan Airways and A320s and A321s from SmartLynx and AvionExpress. A recurring lease is the A330 from AirTanker which we hope to see a return next year.