Focus Airports

Looking for inspiration for where to fly to? We run two types of focus airports - our base focus airports are run bi-weekly alongside weekly overseas focus airports. For base focus airports, we award 50 bonus points per flight and for overseas focus airports, 100 bonus points. We try to spice up the schedule so you have somewhere unique and interesting to fly to every week!


We run many different types of events; these include charter flights, airport overload events and other weekly events, which are all announced in our Discord server before they run!


Every so often, Jet2 runs charters for various reasons. To boost our realism and to increase immersion, we offer you the opportunity to fly them as of and when they fly in real life! See some examples below…

Double Points Mondays

In the winter months, we run Double Points Mondays where you are awarded twice the base points that you earn on your flights. It’s a wonderful opportunity to climb our rank structure!

Screenshot Sundays

Submit your best Jet2 screenshots in #home-and-away, our screenshot channel on our Discord server for your chance to win 200 bonus points on your previous PIREP! You can join our discord server on the vAMSYS Dashboard.

Summer X3 Events

Throughout the summer, we want to shine a light on some of our less popular destinations. So, we offer X3 points on any PIREP to/from our X3 destinations!