The home base, Jet2 have their headquarters here in Low Fare Finder House on the airport premises and operated their first passenger flight to Amsterdam in February 2003. Well known for its difficult approaches during turbulent and stormy weather, the short runway, surrounding terrain and high elevation always makes Leeds a favourite for a challenge.

The largest base in terms of destinations and passenger numbers, Jet2 opened their second base here in 2004. Originally operating from Terminal 1, Jet2 soon expanded their routes to Terminal 2 due to increased demand. With it being its most popular and fastest expanding base, Jet2 are taking advantage of the expansion of the airport and have already started operating from the new pier!

One of Jet2’s newer UK bases, Stansted is Jet2’s largest base in the South having started operations from here in 2017. Ever since opening, Stansted has expanded rapidly with new destinations being announced year on year, giving much needed competition to Ryanair’s monopoly on Stansted!

Alongside Stansted, Birmingham is one of Jet2’s newest bases which was announced in 2016. It is Jet2’s second largest base in terms of destinations, operating a total of 64 routes and it’s still expanding!

The base at Glasgow was opened in 2011 with an initial 9 routes, which has since expanded to 40! The largest of the two Scottish bases, Glasgow plays an important role in connecting Jet2’s destinations to Scotland.

Newcastle was Jet2’s third base to operate from, which opened in 2005. It is the main base of the North East. Since the expansion, over 6 million passengers have operated from here!

Opened in 2005 alongside the now-closed base at Blackpool, Edinburgh is the smaller of Jet2’s two Scottish bases with routes to all of the popular British holidaymaker’s summer and ski destinations. Close to the city, arrivals and departures into and out of Edinburgh gives wonderful views of the Forth Bridge and Edinburgh Castle.

Previously part of the airline’s cargo and mail network, Jet2 established their passenger base here at the turn of the decade. The lesser of the two Midlands airports, EMA is underrated considering its short runway and unmissable power plants on approach - a stable of the surrounding scenery.

Jet2’s quietest base, Belfast was opened early on in the history of Jet2’s initial expansion alongside Manchester in 2004. Serving the wider area of Northern Ireland, Jet2 operates to all of the core holiday destinations from here as well as operating ski charters on occasion!

A staple of one of Britain’s favourite overseas destinations, Alicante was where Jet2 established their first overseas base. On the coast and close to some high terrain the surrounding area is certainly picturesque.

An island of nothing but sun, sea and sand, Palma de Mallorca opened in 2017 as a base. It is used mainly in the summer when the demand for summer get-aways is sky high (if you’ll pardon the pun)! In the summer months, Jet2 base a few aircraft down here; previously, they leased a B738 from AirEuropa to be operated from here.

The largest and most populous of the Canary Islands, Jet2 established a third overseas base here late last year. A classic warm and sunny retreat, Tenerife stands out with its vivid and lively nightlife and relaxing resorts.